Can you raise funds for us?

One in four people will have a mental health problem at some time in their lives - that's around 39,000 local people living in the Scarborough, Whitby and Ryedale areas.

Mental ill health can affect anyone - rich or poor, young or old, shattering the lives of those affected and the lives of the people close to them.

Of the 39,000 people in our area almost all will experience loss, isolation and stigma today just because they have a mental health problem. With your support our amazing staff and volunteers can help them step on to the road to recovery and find happiness again.

Of those affected, 90% will be unable to live their lives as active members of their community, rather they will be socially excluded and unable to properly access fair opportunities for housing, employment, health and social care.

This isolation and suffering is further compounded by the stigma and discrimination surrounding mental health, largely fuelled by sensationalist reporting in the media.

Consequently and sadly, mental health is not a poular cause for donations - just 3% of overall donations from the public are made to mental health charities.

Every penny of a donation you make goes towards continuing our life saving service and helping around 1,000 local people every year.

We are here to ensure no one experiences mental illness alone and every donation we receive is hugely important in continuing our work.

Our work can and does change lives. With one in four of us developing a mental health problem at some time in our lives ... you WILL know someone like them. 

Any donation that you make will be gratefully received and will make a real difference to the lives of people who live in Scarborough, Whitby and Ryedale.

Scarborough Whitby and Ryedale Mind is also keen to welcome people interested in joining their fund-raising committee helping with bucket collections at events as well as organising local events to bring in donations.

At Scarborough Whitby and Ryedale Mind we help people like Carl, Richard, Corinne and Jacqui step onto the road to recovery by offering companionship, friendship and support.

Click on the videos below to find out more about how Scarborough Whitby and Ryedale Mind has transformed the lives of people living in the local community.

If you would like to fund-raise on our behalf call us on (01723) 356562 or email

You can also download our fund-raising pack by clicking here (to follow).

Text SWRM22 £1 to 70070 or donate directly via Just Giving where you can also set up a fundraising event on our behalf.

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Help someone like Richard...

Help someone like Corinne

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