Changing Minds

Changing Minds

Scarborough, Whitby and Ryedale Mind are offering free of charge workshop programme’s in mental health awareness, behaviour change and communication. 

Who can attend?

Research shows us that people with mental health problems are more at risk of being a victim of crime than people without a mental health problem. These workshops are funded by the North Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner Safety Fund and are designed for people who are at increased risk of being a victim of crime due to their mental health. The programme is also designed for people who are at risk of offending by providing support with their mental health and promoting positive behaviour and communication.

What will I be doing?

Participants on the mental health awareness programme will attend a five week course with weekly workshops of two hours on the following topics:

•      Mental health awareness and wellbeing

This workshop is designed to help understand what mental health is and how people might be affected when they are mentally unwell. Alongside this, the Five Ways to Wellbeing is introduced to participants allowing some exploration for how applying these to our everyday lives can support recovery or maintain positive mental health.

•        Confidence building

During this workshop participants will be encouraged to find ways to focus on positive aspects of themselves and how to make the most of their attributes. We will also consider ways to plan and prepare for different situations enabling a more confident approach.

•        Anxiety management

This workshop aims to understand what anxiety is and how it can affect individuals physically, psychologically and behaviourally. We will explore some of the possible triggers and indicators that anxiety can present and, consider some coping strategies which may help to alleviate symptoms.

•        Recovery and Resilience

Recovery from mental ill health can be very different for individuals and during this workshop we will explore different approaches to build up awareness of what is possible. Alongside this there will opportunities to discover some self-help strategies to help recovery and build up resilience going forward.

•        Managing worry and stress

Worry and stress can be very debilitating for some people. This workshop aims to help individuals understand what their triggers are, how to identify when things are not going so well and how to manage the stress when it occurs. There will be an opportunity to try some relaxation techniques which are aimed to prevent stress build up as well as to be used when stress levels are high.

Participants on the behaviour change and communication programme will attend a four week course with weekly workshops of two hours on the following topics:

•        Anger management

Understanding what anger is, how it affects people and how people respond is the starting block of this workshop. The workshop aims to help individuals recognise the signs that they are becoming angry and strategies to help them to manage the anger effectively and safely.

•        Assertive communication and self-advocacy

This workshop aims to understand the differences between assertive, aggressive and non-assertive communication and raise awareness of the importance of non-verbal communication. During the workshop, participants will be able to practice some techniques of assertive communication. Participants will be able to explore how they use some of these techniques for purposes of self-advocacy, such as asserting their rights independently when trying to access services.

•        Managing conflict

Using some of the skills learned in previous workshops participants will be encouraged to build on these further to enable them to understand situations in which they may find themselves in conflict with others. Strategies will be explored to enable withdrawal or to de-escalate conflicts.

•        Building networks and relationships

The emphasis of this workshop is to understand how to develop healthy relationships with others and increasing networks, socially and professionally. Barriers to positive relationships will be explored to establish strategies to overcome these effectively.

After completion of the programme, participants will be invited to attend a short peer support programme.

Every participant will receive a training pack including material covered and further useful information.

How do I book?

We will be holding courses in Scarborough and Ryedale at accessible locations across a range of dates and times. If you are interested in attending or making a referral for a person you support, telephone SWR Mind on 01723 356562 or email and the office team will take a short referral. Our website will publicise dates and locations in advance of all workshops and training opportunities.

If you would like to email a referral, you can download the form here