Poor mental health is now the number one reason for staff absence in the workplace. Right now one in six workers are experiencing depression, stress or anxiety.

Mental health training offers a cost-effective way to promote mental health wellbeing in your organisation and at home, helping to reduce absenteeism in the workplace and encouraging a positive, healthy and productive workplace culture.

Mental health training for businesses and organisations

Scarborough Whitby and Ryedale Mind Training is able to provide general and specialist mental health training throughout Scarborough, Whitby and Ryedale and, through its membership of Yorkshire and Humber Mind Consortium (YHMC), throughout the entire Yorkshire and Humber region.

We are currently developing a portfolio of training courses which will include:

  • Mental health awareness for front-line/community workers 
  • Employee well-being
  • Stress awareness and stress management
  • Mental health workplace audit
  • Assertive communication
  • Leadership
  • Confidence Building

Overarching aims of our training are:

  • To explore, with honesty, the preconceptions and anxieties we all have about mental ill health.
  • To increase awareness of mental health issues and appreciate the impact that mental ill health can have on an individual's day to day life.
  • To increase awareness and confidence when coming into contact with people with mental health problems.

We believe that participation in such training as illustrated below will help to demystify mental ill health and help you to identify customers who may have mental health problems and to respond to them appropriately and with confidence. It will also help you to look after your own mental health and that of your colleagues.

Training can be provided at the customers’ premises, our premises or at an Away Day for groups of up to fifteen.

All courses are delivered using a range of media and case studies. They also include discussions, group work and service user input.

Make us your charity of the year

Aside from financial needs that are ongoing, the opportunity to be a charity of the year would have a huge impact on continuing to raise our profile in the region and allow us to speak out against stigma and discrimination, encouraging more people to talk about their mental health.

Isolation and loneliness have a huge impact on the health of our community and we strongly believe that this can’t be addressed through medicine, but through emotional support and connections to the people and community that surround us.

As a small organisation, this would be a huge opportunity for us and would make a substantial difference to work.

To find out more call Scarborough Whitby and Ryedale Mind on (01723) 356562 or email