Courses at Scarborough Survivors

29 July 2014

Courses at Scarborough Survivors - 2014

Life Skill Course

An in-depth programme of courses specifically designed to assist those with mental health problems have better control over their lives, if not over their symptoms.

Covering - Self-Esteem, Confidence Building, Overcoming Fear and Taking Action, Assertiveness Communication Skills, People and Social Skills, Interpersonal Skills, Having a Purpose, Time Planning and Prioritising, Organisational Skills, Health and Well-Bring, Back to Basics (literacy, numeracy, letter writing, CV writing and budgetting).

Alongside those subjects there will be the opportunity to experience life coaching in Motivation and Exercise, Positive Mental Attitude, supported by Aromatherapy, Reflexology, Reiki and Indian Head Massage  - all designed to give you a sense of well-being and relaxation.

The Mental Health Recovery Star will be used for participants to plot their achievements and growth throughout the courses' life span.

Sign-up date Friday 22nd August 10am or 1.30pm


Informal Life Skill Courses

A series of courses designed for those people affected by mental health problems to increase their confidence, sense of person and empowerment. The courses will run over a 6 month period with courses held once a month.

Starts Friday 26th September at 10.30am


Mentor Training

Specific training for those people interested in making a difference to someone's life. The training will support mentors to give support to those affected by mental health problems, have their voice heard and to input directly into mental health services to make a meaningful difference to policies and procedures around mental health provision and services provided.



For more information on any of the courses or the activities which Scarborough Survivors provides, please contact Andrea on 01723 500222 email or visit the website