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Adult Social Care Mental Health Services Review

As part of a review of adult social care mental health services, the Council will be seeking views from people with lived experience of mental health issues, their family members and carers, current and potential service providers, health and social care staff, and other stakeholders. There will be an engagement event in Scarborough, which we will promote when details are confirmed, however there is also an opportunity to feedback via email on 3 key topics:

  • What is currently working well with mental health support and services in North Yorkshire?
  • What might 'better' look like in terms of local mental health support and services?
  • What could be done to improve mental health support and services in North Yorkshire?

Please email any feedback you would like to share on the above areas by 31st October to Commissioning@northyorks.gov.uk

We would like to strongly encourage people to take part in the consultation either by attending on the day of the engagement event, feeding back to the council via email as above or rining us at SWR Mind and we can make sure your views are heard at the engagement event. This is your opportunity to speak directly to the people who make decisions about the services available in your area.

For information about the consultation, the documents can be found here: 


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