Mental health Information guide

An Information Guide has been produced by people with mental health problems for people with mental health problems. The Guide contains information about mental health, healthy living, what to expect from mental health services, treatment, accommodation, opportunities for employment, training and education, staying well and planning ahead together with some information about the authors.

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Mental Health and Wellbeing

Mental health is the emotional and spiritual resilience that enables us to enjoy life and to survive pain, disappointment and sadness. It is a positive sense of wellbeing and an underlying belief in our own and each other’s dignity and worth.

Mental illness can occur when our sense of wellbeing is undermined and our resilience fails us. When this happens it may cause us to experience disturbing thoughts or feelings, which can overwhelm us to such an extent that it begins to disrupt our day to day lives and perhaps the lives of those around us.

At this point it is important to talk to someone about how we are feeling – this might be a close friend, relative or our GP. Most people recover from mental health difficulties though some may experience recurring problems.

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