The Tale of LeJOG

10th June 2015

As part of the SWR Mind Crisis Appeal, our fabulous volunteer Joanne undertook the the challenge of cycling 1000 miles from Land's End to John O'Groats, braving the fantastic British Weather. Joanne sent some updates and pictures along the way which we have collated so you can have a quick read about her journey. Almost £2500 raised in total, you can still donate to Joanne's page here if you would like..... A great big thank you to Joanne from all our team for the miles you've pedalled!
Hi all fundraising is going really well, it won't be long before we are half way to our target. Thank you, to all my lovely kind sponsors. I am now training 4 x a week after my initial setback of a broken wheel, which big bear bikes soon rectified.
Hello all, we are doing really well with our fundraising, we are over half way to our target, fingers crossed we will make it to 1000. My training sessions went really well last week I cycled 150 miles the weather was perfect
Hi all, we are doing extremely well we have exceeded our original goal of £1000, so let’s see if we can, now reach a goal of £1500. Thank you all so much for your generosity. I am still going strong and my training is going well my mileage increased to 170 miles this week.
Hi all, our fundraising is going really well thank you all, for your kind and generous support. We have now raised 1,438.50. My training has gone really well I managed to fit in 200 miles of cycling in last week, on the beautiful North Yorkshire Moors
I have successfully completed seven days of the LeJOG with exceptionally good weather, apart from 1 day so far which is a blessing! Day1 the mileage was 66, day 2 - 64, day 3 - 73 day 4 – 66, day 5 - 59, day 6 - 80, and finally day 7 was 71 miles.
Thank you for all your support when the cycling gets tough and it does, it’s your support that keeps me going.



Today I cycled from Conder green to Keswick - 60 miles of hilly and very pretty scenery. The weather was good it didn't rain until we reached Keswick. I now have Lots of long days ahead of me 70-80 miles a day so I'm hoping for good weather.
l am now in Moffat, Scotland, having cycled 75 miles from Keswick, in wind, rain and finally sunshine. It was a long hard day, but I made it I even managed the stairs at the B&B with very tired legs. Day 9 is now completed. Thank you all for your support.
Hello everyone today was day 10, I cycled from Moffat to Kinross 82 miles via Edinburgh. The weather was kind only two small rain showers the rest of the day was dry. I saw lots of beautiful scenery along my route. Tomorrow is another long day of 82 miles.


Day 11 completed I have reached Ballater this evening, cycled 85 miles today The weather was nice and sunny but we had a headwind which made cycling heavy work. The terrain was very hard especially cycling up Glenshee. The scenery was fabulous!
Hi all day 12 completed yippee. We cycled 75 miles today, it was very hard work a headwind and some very big climbs. However the sun was shining and the scenery was fantastic, beautiful Scotland. Thank you all so much for your support x
Hi all day 13 completed, 68 miles in headwind very hard going, however my knees are just holding out. Only 1 day left. So pray for good weather as its 83 miles now to John O’Groats. Really enjoying the scenery it is so pretty. Thank you all for your continued support x
Hello everyone, I'm very proud to say I have completed day 14 of my LeJOG. 1020 miles in total, the weather was fantastic for us today sun and tailwind most of the day, so lucky. I would like to thank you all for your support in helping me raise funds for SWR Mind. X


Amazing effort Joanne!!!!! Total Raised.... £2426 (including gift aid). Thank you to all who supported Joanne, the money raised will make a huge difference to our organisation.

Before Joanne set off, we asked her if she would tell us why she was undertaking this mammoth challenge for SWR Mind. She told us....
I have worked with SWR Mind as a volunteer for about 5 years now. I know how invaluable not just the volunteer support is but the Open Mind Group in Whitby as well and all the other services they provide across the region. I know first-hand that people need someone to listen and care about them. This is where SWR Mind comes into its own. I have had the privilege to become friends with several service users of SWR Mind and truly believe that Mind has provided them with the right support when they needed it. If SWR Mind was to close this would be a terrible loss to everyone in the region. Nobody knows what is round the corner due to modern day lifestyles. Mental health receives only 13% of the NHS health expenditure so community based mental health support is vital to prevent people from facing mental illness alone. I have a BSc in Psychology and MSC in health psychology so I know how important it is for people with mental health problems to have support and hope for the future. If they lose SWR Mind, they lose a much needed service and there are no alternative avenues of support in the Whitby area. This is why I am doing the charity cycling event of 1000 miles from Lands’ End to John O’Groats.