27th February 2018

All members should have received a copy of a letter relating to membership through the post in the last week. With upcoming legal changes in data protection and a large membership, some of whom have not been active for a few years, we took the decision to request that people confirm that they wish to stay as members and consent to us contacting them about membership issues (e.g. an invite to the AGM).

If you believe you are a member but have not had this letter, please get in touch as it may mean we have the incorrect contact details for you. Existing members who do not consent to ongoing contact and membership will be removed at the end of March. Of course anyone is welcome to join again at a later date.

What do members do?

While the directors/trustees of a charitable company are the key decision-makers, company law reserves certain matters for the members, including:

·         the removal and replacement of directors;

·         the amendment of the Articles of Association (subject to the requirement for Charity Commission consent for “regulated alterations”);

·         the approval of certain transactions between the company and its directors; and

·         in some cases, the destination of any remaining assets when the company is wound up.

Members of Scarborough, Whitby and Ryedale Mind are entitled to vote at the annual general meeting and have committed to pay £1 towards the wind up costs of the organisation. 

Members may also be invited to private events and consultations. If you are interested in membership, get in touch with our admin team on 01723 356562 and they can provide you with an application.