Our aims

Our support is designed to help people:

  • Become healthier and better manage mental health
  • Lead full independent and rewarding lives
  • Become more involved, included and active in community life
  • Reach their potential and the life they want to lead

We use the acronym ‘SEPIA'o describe the five types of support we offer. 

These are:

  • Social – companionship to combat isolation, share experiences, build confidence and increase self-esteem through supporting people to achieve their goals and participate more fully in community life
  • Emotional – providing support through a ‘listening ear’ to help avert crises and deepen feelings of self-worth 
  • Practical– support to plan day-to-day tasks such as shopping, attending appointments or filling in forms
  • Information – ensuring people have accurate and up to date information so they can make informed choices and exercise greater control over their lives
  • Advocacy - a companion to ensure a person’s voice is heard, for example at a medical appointment, benefits review or when making a complaint.