Our approach

We believe everybody experiencing a mental health difficuly should be able to access support quickly and easily. 

We understand that people's lives can be difficult and complicated and we don't judge. Lots of different people access our services from all walks of life.

You can come to us

We treat everybody as an individual and we will always do our best to help. Our services are accessible. We offer our services in a flexible way which takes into account people’s individual circumstances.

 For most of our services you can refer yourself and we can work in a venue and at a time to suit you where possible.

You can talk to us

We believe that everybody experiencing a mental health difficulty deserves to be listened to, particularly those whose views are not easily heard. We will help you to understand your rights and provide opportunities for you to influence how our services and others are delivered. 

We believe that anybody experiencing a mental health difficulty should have access to the right kind of support for them and be able to make choices about what help and support they feel will benefit them. 

We are open to people who have a medical diagnosis, but also to people who don’t but are looking for help.

You can get help from us

We believe that anybody experiencing a mental health difficulty should be treated with respect and dignity, and should receive a positive response from services that are there to help them.

We work with the whole person, not just the mental health problem. This means that we can help you look at the things in other areas of your life that might be impacting on your mental health.

We can do this by working together with other people involved in your life or helping you find support from other specialist services. If we cannot help we will always provide information about other sources of help you can try.

You can rely on us

We believe in recovery. We believe that everyone can experience a good quality of life, including employment, securing housing and a social network.

We also believe that people’s mental health can be good sometimes and not so good at other times, and support should be available to people at a pace and time that suits them.

We will work with you to help you identify what recovery means to you and how we can support you to get there. We will support you at a pace that suits you and we will stick by you.

You can trust us

We believe that people with mental health difficulties should be offered professional, safe and high quality services.

We will provide a safe and welcoming environment for you to access our services. We take your right to confidentiality seriously and if you need us to, we will work with you help you feel safe from harm.

Our staff and volunteers are well trained and committed and they are always looking for ways to work differently to improve what we do.