Our volunteers

We have a dedicated team of 60 volunteers working across the region helping transform the lives of people living in the local community.

Our volunteers help people through our Side by Side Support Service giving social, emotional and practical support as well as providing information and advocacy.

We are greatly in need of more people wanting to volunteer for Side by Side, particularly from the Whitby area as there is currently a waiting list for people wanting help. If you are not able to give time in person, we are also looking for volunteers who can provide support over the phone, skype or email.

We are also in need of volunteers to help with fundraising and administration along with a whole host of other opportunities. Whether you are looking to try new activities, share skills, learn something new, build up your CV, ease back into work related activity or gain a reference for university or employment, we will do our best to make sure you enjoy your role.

Chief Executive of SWR Mind, Sophie Hall said: "Volunteering can be a great opportunitiy to use exisiting talents and develop new ones, undertake new activities, make friends, build confidence and make a positive contribution to your community.Without our volunteers, SWR Mind would not exist in anything like the way it does now. Through volunteers we are able to reach so much further into the community and offer people a diverse range of activities, groups or opportunities. Unfortunately, demand almost always exceeds supply and we know that there's a lot of hot competition for the spare time people have. Please know, that when you volunteer with us you are making a huge difference to us as a small charity and to the people we support."

We offer full training, out of pocket expenses, group support and development sessions, employment and edicational references and thank you events.

All volunteers undergo our basic training programme which takes place over 4 sessions (usually 4 weeks running, occasionally over a weekend). We vary times and locations to try and accomodate people as much as we are able. We do ask people to commit to attending all four sessions in one round unless unavoidable barriers pop up! When out volunteering, the time commitment is very much down to the individual and the time you have available, one hour on the phone is still hugely valuable to us. What we ask is that you commit to being reliable whilst volunteering with us.

To find out more about volunteering with Scarborough Whitby and Ryedale Mind call (01723) 356 562 for an informal chat or email info@swrmind.org.uk