Services in Whitby

Scarborough Whitby and Ryedale Mind offers the following services for people living in the Whitby area: 
  • Our Side by Side service provides tailored, one to one support either in person or via telephone. The service addresses individual needs and aspirations to tackle the issues in life that are causing mental ill health. This could include support to improve confidence, reduce isolation, address financial issues or to find activities outside of the home to engage with. This service is available across Scarborough, Ryedale, Whitby and the Esk Valley. 
  • Our Early Intervention worker in Whitby offers up to 10 support sessions to people with mild to moderate mental health problems. The service provides supported access to; leisure, support services, volunteering opportunities and education to improve mental health. The worker also provides support to as address any practical needs (e.g. support with paperwork, applying for adaptive technology etc.) alongside information and community signposting. 
  • Good Finance = Good Health is a joint partnership with Scarborough and Whitby Citizens Advice Bureau providing support on managing benefits, debt, financial issues and financial literacy. **PLEASE NOTE REFERRALS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED AFTER 01/12/2018 AS CURRENT FUNDING ENDS 31.12.18**
As well as support services, SWR Mind provide a number of other services that are available in Scarborough, Whitby and Ryedale including: 
  • Mental health awareness training for statutory and voluntary sector colleagues 
  •  Training for businesses to support the mental well-being of their employees 
  • We provide a range of information and guidance booklets on mental health and wellbeing, including diagnosis specific booklets, information on legal rights, managing stress or keeping healthy in the workplace. These are available free of charge to individuals and community organisations. 
  • Volunteering is a great way of learning new skills, building a network of friends and finding meaningful activities to enjoy. We have opportunities in one to one support, group work, administration, marketing/PR, fundraising and research. 
  • We are re-developing our range of training/informal learning workshops building on our original ‘Tier II’ workshops on Recovery, advocacy, leadership and communications. We will be running new courses including coping with change and loss, managing anxiety, dealing with stress and building confidence and self esteem.  
All SWR Mind provide support based around our SEPIA model; social and emotional support; practical support; information and advocacy. The model is designed to designed to support people to: 
  • Become healthier and better manage their mental health 
  • Lead full, independent and rewarding lives 
  • Become more involved, included and active in community life 
  • Reach their potential and the life they want to lead 
All services can be accessed via single point of contact referral on (01723) 356562 or email for a copy of the up to date referral form.